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blue®m - Mouthwash (500 ml)

blue®m - Mouthwash (500 ml)

blue®m fluoride-free mouthwash with active oxygen is a fresh mouthwash for daily oral care. The mouthwash reaches places where the toothbrush cannot reach and is fluoride-free. Because the mouthwash does not contain alcohol, it does not dry out the mouth. The active oxygen makes this a unique and effective product. In addition to active oxygen from honey, the unique formula also contains xylitol and lactoferrin. It helps improve the condition of the gums. Immediately fresh breath! Excellent for people with a strong mouth odor.

With active oxygen, without fluoride and alcohol

Daily use of blue®m mouthwash helps keep teeth and gums healthy. This reduces the risk of various problems in the mouth. blue®m mouthwash is ideal for people with implants, because the product does not contain fluoride. The perfect addition to the daily oral care ritual.
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