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blue®m - BULK DEAL: Display box aligner cleaner

blue®m - BULK DEAL: Display box aligner cleaner

bluem® oral foam has been specially developed for daily maintenance of gums and oral mucosa. In addition, it is extremely suitable for cleaning braces, mouth guards and prostheses (such as dentures). In addition to active oxygen (from organic honey), the unique formula also contains xylitol, lactoferrin and wintergreen essential oil.

The rich, creamy foam works quickly and easily. Immediately gives a clean and fresh feeling!

The oral foam display box bulk deal:
– 3x Display box that can be placed at the counter
– 3x trade unit (12x 50ml) foam spray

Suitable for whom?
  • people with clear braces, such as invisalign, loose or fixed braces
  • people who grind their teeth and have a mouthguard or trainer for that
  • people with dentures
  • athletes with mouthguards (such as a hockey mouthguard)
  • people with bad breath or dry mouth
  • people with sensitive teeth
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