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BioEMG 4 channel

BioEMG 4 channel

Electromyography is the only way to objectively measure the actions and reactions of the muscles of the head and neck. This offers every clinician the opportunity to test their treatments and bite positions before the treatment is concluded positively. Mockups can easily be tested and the body's reaction can be measured. This way, perfect customization can be provided by seeing what the outcome is. By making early adjustments you ensure that the patient receives perfect occlusion and articulation during rehabilitation.

With BioEMG III you no longer have to guess, but can provide targeted treatment with objective data. Do not assume in advance that the bite will be good for the muscles of your patients. Also, don't assume that the restorations won't block the muscle spasms; Start feeling the freedom and confidence that comes with objectively testing your patients' muscles with BioEMG III.

The BioEMG 4 channel allows you to measure the Temporalis and Masseter.
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