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Aqualizer Ultra CMD-Splint (medium volume)

Aqualizer Ultra CMD-Splint (medium volume)

The Aqualizer® revolutionary fluid system creates perfect balance and stability in the bite, through the connection of both sides. The Aqualizer works by allowing the muscles themselves to reposition the jaw to a position that naturally functions best. To relieve TMD pain, restoring this balance is essential.

A patient with pain complaints as a result of the pain dysfunction syndrome or overload, including bruxism, can benefit from the use of the Aqualizer. This is a prefab splint made of soft plastic with water cushions. The pads are connected to each other so that the lower jaw is balanced and excessive strain is dampened.

While awaiting a follow-up appointment for diagnosis, treatment of trigger points, grinding or creating a hard splint, the patient has a safe, self-regulating therapy with the Aqualizer.
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